Eileen and Jacob met while eating delicous tacos in a brooklyn back yard.

A friendship that was first bonded on food, eventually blossomed into an inseparable partnership. Eileen and Jacob realized that the stars did align and hell did freeze over because they were head over heels in love... and they didn't even know it.

Eileen and Jacob quickly did what sensible (read: broke) New Yorkers do and merged households. They made a nest in Brooklyn, the borough that first brought them together. Fast forward some months... while in Palm Springs, Eileen and Jacob unexpectedly found themselves staring at the perfect piece of bling. Stuttering and shaking, Jacob handed over his credit card and tried to propose on the spot. Eileen suggested they find a spot more romantic. Jacob suggested the parking lot.

Coming to their senses, they boarded a tourist tram and rose 8000+ feet from the desert floor to the snow-covered pine forest of Mt. San Jacinto. Still reeling from recent events, Jacob found a very, very beautiful spot by a creek, threw down his coat (so Eileen won't soil her shoes) and popped the question. It was the most romantic act Eileen had ever seen. She said yes. The rest is history...

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